Herbal Secrets

1. Why should we use herbal products?

As we are living in a highly polluted environment, which has a very negative effect on our bodies including the skin, daily cleansing of the skin is essential to keep it healthy and glowing and to remove the harmful effects of pollution. Unfortunately, many products currently available in the market to cleanse the skin contain harsh and sometimes harmful ingredients. For example, something as ordinary as soap is actually significantly alkaline in its composition and can be harmful to the skin as it tends to destroy its natural balance. Indeed a quick survey of many popular ‘natural ‘products will reveal that the vast majority rely on chemical preservatives to prolong their shelf life.

The best way to cleanse your skin is with completely natural herbal products which penetrate the skin and gently cleanse it without causing any harm. Herbal Secrets products use natural ingredients known for their beneficial effects on the skin without the addition of chemicals and preservatives. When you use them, you’ll feel the difference -as if your skin is breathing, and you’ll see the difference, for your skin will glow naturally. So to counter the effects of pollution and to help your skin retain its softness and glow, we need to use natural herbal products.

2. What about allergies?

All the products of Herbal Secrets have their ingredients clearly displayed. If you have a known allergy to any of these ingredients then its best not to use that specific product but rather substitute with another Herbal Secrets' product. However, these products are based on ingredients that are very mild and extensive use over many years has not been known to cause any significant allergic reaction.

3. Why are they in powder form?

The reason why our products come in the form of powders is to keep them preservative free and to ensure that you have a fresh product at hand for when you are ready to prepare and use it.

4. What should I do with the remaining mixture after cleaning my face?

You can use it to wash your hands, neck or feet and can also keep it for a second application the same day. But do discard any unused mixture after a day and make a fresh one for further applications

5. How many times should I use these products to get the best results?

Radiance is a face wash and should be used instead of soap at least twice a day, i.e. in the morning and at night. Herboline is a facial scrub and should be used at least once a week; it can also be used as a mask. White Gold is best used once a day to keep the skin looking healthy and fresh. While results from natural products are best seen through regular use, we are confident that you will feel and see the difference within a few days of starting use.

6. From which age can these products be used?

While Radiance is a very mild product and can be used for children, it is recommended that the early teens are the right age to make this a part of your daily routine. Herboline is not recommended for use before the start of the teens. White gold should also not be started till mid-puberty. Subsequent regular use of these products should become a key component of a healthy lifestyle that will help you maintain a lovely glowing complexion and skin throughout your life.

7. Are there any negative effects of using these products?

For some people, when they start using Herbal Secrets products, initially a few spots or pimples might appear which disappear within a week of regular use of the products. This is due to the skin getting detoxified. No other negative effects have been reported to date.

8. Can men use these products?

Yes - men can and have, used these products with excellent results.