Herbal Secrets

Herbal Secrets' has been running a series of focus groups throughout the United Kingdom to introduce clients to the benefits that can be derived from use of its' natural products - and allow users to provide 'before' and 'after' feedback. The responses have been overwhelmingly positive - and we would like to share just some of the comments received:

“Very mild and refreshing, with no harmful side effects”

“I hope Herbal Secrets continues because you’re excellent”

“I like the way it left my skin feeling after use and mostly the way it faded blemishes”

“Moisturised my skin well and firmed the skins surface”

“Softer, cleaner and healthy looking skin after just the 3rd use”

“The texture of my skin felt nice and clean after use”

“Softer, clearer skin I have used it all over my body too!”

“Complexion softer”

“Skin appeared smoother and blemishes fading a little”

“My face feels lovely and smooth and it’s much clearer than before, the age spots and blemishes have either faded or completely disappeared”

“I was impressed with how much clearer my skin was”

“Very good on blackheads, skin is clean and smooth”

“Nothing else like it”


The age-old beauty secrets that have been used by women of the East for generations, are now available for you to experience and make your own.